Who We Are

Where nature and interior co-exist! At Otro, we believe nature has survived it all. We are just on-lookers who might not be here tomorrow. We take inspiration from these wonders of the world. Just as much as we admire nature, our collection of ceramics is heavily influenced by the divergent tinges of nature. This collection is a personification of elegance, captivating the sight, with an artful touch. Our motto is to bring spaces alive!

Our Values



Offering one-of-a-kind products At Otro, we have a team of creators whose core focus is on designing unique products. Not only that, but we also look after the current market trends. Our team designs extraordinary ceramics that give an exclusive look to your space.



Changing spaces and uplifting living standard Our mission is to transform the entire space by providing a novel outlook to it. We aspire every day to help our clients reach another level of alternation to a high chic and classy look for their place. Transforming places, changing lifestyles.



Providing high durability Otro believes in maintaining life long relations with their customers. Thus we thrive to provide our clients with the most durable products. Our ceramics are highly reliable and so will our future relations be!



Adorning homes Our ceramics are highly formulated to create a flamboyant decorum for your space. Be it your family or friends or colleagues, the interior of your place will impregnate your first impression on them. Your place gives a peculiar insight into your personality, hence Otro is here to offer you an embellished view of your space.